Do you ever think about who designed the Nigeria Flag? Meet Michael Taiwo Akinkumi who designed it!

Taiwo Akinkunmi OFR (born 10 May 1936)
is a retired Nigerian civil servant. He is
famous for designing Nigeria's national
flag, and he is commonly called "Mr. Flag
Early life and career
Akinkunmi was the father of Taiwo
Akinkunmi born in Ibadan, of Yoruba
origin. He lived with his father until age 8
before he relocated to the Northern part
of Nigeria. He began his early education in
the North. After his father’s retirement, he
came down to the West and was re-
enrolled at Baptist Day School, Idi-Ikan in
Ibadan. He finished from Baptist Day
School Idi-kan in 1949 and proceeded to
Ibadan Grammar School (IGS) in 1950
where he enjoyed a very good education.
He left IGS in 1955 and took an
appointment as an agriculturist at the
Western Region Secretariat in Ibadan as a
civil servant. He would then work some
years before gaining admission to the
Norwood Technical College in London
where he studied electrical
engineering.[2] While studying there, he
designed the Nigerian Flag. He returned to
Nigeria in 1963 and went back to the
agricultural department at the secretariat
in Ibadan to continue where he stopped.
He worked as a civil servant until 1994
and retired as Assistant Superintendent of
Agriculture. He was honoured with Officer
of the order of Federal Republic (OFR) and
honorary life presidential adviser on 29
September 2014 at the conference centre
Designing Nigeria's
national flag
He entered the competition which he
came across in a library. In his own
words, "I took details of what and what is
expected to design a flag that would be
used by a country that was about to
witness the independence. I took part in
the competition and my design was
selected as the best in the year 1958."[3]
Akinkunmi's Original design
Final design
Personal life
He is married with a wife and children. He
always wears the colours of the flag he
designed as part of his attire, usually
wearing a green Yoruba cap, and painted
his house with a green-white-green

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