'Helpless not Hopeless' A call to Nigeria Youths-Jeremiah Genesis Ezra

Helpless But not Hopeless: A call to Nigerian
youths I'm Jeremiah Genesis Ezra a proudly
Nigerian youth, i will be glad to keep saying
that, because the Nigerian youths are the
nation, we are the pride of this country, we
have proven to the whole wide world that
we are capable and reliable. Have you every
asked yourself how we are the pride of this
great country Nigeria? Yes we are, Firstly we
need to know who we really are and how
we are treasured, Being the most pupoluos
black nation in the world, we have a great
number of youths, But we are letting our
dreams to run away from us, we've all have
dreams, but i want to assure you that in
every race there must be a winner, and we
are winners, winners in sport, academics,
creativity and talents, but to emerge
winners, we must believe that we can do it!
He/she can do it! Unfortunately we they
nigerian youths have seen set backs in our
race for our dreams, but what can we do?
Sit back and watch? No! We need to act and
react quickly, time has come for us to unveil
ourselves and tell the world that we are not
just ordinary youths, that we have hope! A
hope for a new Nigeria, a Nigeria of our
dreams Nigeria that will aid our progress
towards individual success and the nation at
large... This is not the time to participate in
drug addiction, prostitution rather than
violence, this is the time we need to show
everyone that we ain't useless this is the
time to rise and arise like a soldier who has
faith not only on his gun but on his creator
and ability to use his gun wisely, This is the
time Nigerians need us badly, is the time to
show that we're courageous, to even let the
world know we can do it! We have seen,
and watch, how our country is crumbling a
country that should be build on rocks not on
sand is washing away, our country has
turned to a nightmare, a night full of wails
and cries, graves and widows, lost like
couples of sheeps without a shepherd to
lead them! Ooh i weep for my dear country
Nigeria! But am not hopeless!! Let the world
know we have hope! We can make Nigeria
to be great again, but the decision must
come from you and me, tell yourself you can
do it! If we stick together as one we can
make it! Helpless but not hopeless! #GreatNigeria #Togetherness #NigeriaYouths #HelplessNotHopeless |Jeremiah Genesis Ezra also known as Jeremy is a blogger and motivational writer he's an undergraduate. You can follow him on his Facebook account @Jeremyleespell or vista his site Jeremyspell.blogspot.com|

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