#InternationalNews Saudi Arabia to build church for their christains.

Breitbart, quoting Egypt Independent
newspaper reports that Saudi Arabia’s
newfound openness to and socio-cultural
cooperation with the non-Muslim world
was as a result of her desire to reduce
dependency on oil resources which is its
major economic driver.
According to the agreement, a coordinating
joint committee will be established
comprising two representatives for both
sides to organize future meetings.
It was also reported that the meeting of the
committee will be held once every and will
be alternated between Rome and a city
chosen by the Islamic World League.
Reports also says Saudi Arabia is the only
country in the region without a single
Christian church.
The country was also said to have
embraced Islamic Wahhabism, which bans
all forms of non-Muslim religious activities.
Tauran, in an interview with the Vatican
News newspaper was quoted to have said
that he was pleased by what he described
as ‘the beginning of the rapprochement’.
“It is a sign that the Saudi authorities are
now ready to give a new image to the
country,” he added.

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