Musa Rhapsodi Affos: An open letter to CAN and Christains

CAN PROTEST: Open Letter To CAN &
Sequel to the protest embarked by Christians
Nationwide, which was organized by the
christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), I have
decided to write down a piece which has
been a burden to me.
Musa Affos is the name and i am a proud
Christian, this is to my fellow Christian
Nelson Mandela once said "Injustice
anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
And I will like to say that "Prosecution of
Christians anywhere is a threat to Christians
every where ".
It's unfortunate or rather fortunate that the
Christian body in Nigeria which is headed by
CAN has come to the realization of facts and
accepting responsibilities as the voice of
Christians in Nigeria .
There were times in some states were
certain Christians were marginalized and
deprived of their right and yet we all went
There were times when BokoHaram
prioritized itself in bombing of Churches and
attacking Christian dominated areas,
nothing was said, thank God for the former
CAN chairman, Ayo Oritsejafor, he spoke,
though alot of Christians criticised him.
Its expected that if senior christians officer
in the Army, Police, Immigration etc are
forcefully retired, CAN should be able to
voice out their grieve, and speak for those
that are deprived of their right, not just CAN
but Christians should be able to talk.
If there's an employment or an enrollment
and Christians are marginalized or out of
100%, Christians have maybe 15% or 25%,
CAN ought to speak, Christians too.
If there are sparodic and senseless killings
of Christians in Benue, the CAN in Taraba
should be able to talk, the CAN in Nassarawa,
Lagos, Ekiti, Kano, other states and the entire
Christian body should be able to voice out
their grieve.
A lot of churches refused going out for the
protest; maybe you feel, since it's not your
state or your relations, then there's no
need? remember, the prosecution started in
other countries, it gradually entered our
country and behold it's happening right in
our various states and communities. also
remember that the plight of a Christian in
Abuja should be the concern of another
christian in Enugu or Port Harcourt, and
whatever affects your brother, affects you.
Ofcos we are one, the body of Christ is one
irrespective of denomination, race, tribe or
Though the protest came as a result of the
recent killings of some Reverend Fathers in
Benue state and the attack of Christians. By Jeremy Spell.
dominated communities. this should have
been done long ago but thank God for
revival and the leadership of CAN.
I don't pray for any protest, but the next
time such a protest will be organized, let
Nigerians know that Christians are grieved.
Am most hopeful that today's protest, will be
the dawn of togetherness and unity
amongst Christians and the body of Christ in
Musa Affos is a blogger, Social media activist.
Affos writes from Wukari- Taraba State

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