Numan Youths protest killings at National Assembly

Youths from Numan federation of Adamawa
State have stormed the National Assembly
on Thursday morning to protest against
what they called constant killings of their
The Numan youths from Bwatiye tribe came
in their hundreds, carrying placards with
various inscriptions.
They alleged that suspected herdsmen have
been attacking their communities and killing
them, while the government has been
looking the other way.
They said at the last count, they lost about
21 villages to the suspected herdsmen with
over 200 people killed, while many others
were displaced.
"We want the government to protect our
lives and property. We're here to let NASS
know what we've been going through. We
want them to come to our aid.
"We're not indicting the state government,
but we want our lives protected. We're
adding our voices to the calls by our elders,"
one of their leaders said.
Another protester who identified himself as
Tom told journalists that "Our
representatives at NASS are so quiet,
especially our senators. We want him to
speak up. The government seems to be
quiet. They're doing nothing about it."
Some of the inscriptions on their placards
were: 'Bwatiye people say no to ethnic
cleansing in the Middle Belt region of
Nigeria;' 'You cannot kill us and occupy our
land;' 'PMB, put an end to the massacre;'
'Over 200 lives lost in Numan Federation;
'Baba Buhari Stop the Killings,' among

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