President Buhari not responsible of Benue Killings- Ortom

Ortom said: “Buhari will definitely come
here for campaigns, I cannot pre-empt
what he will say or what Benue people will
“But as you know in politics, there are no
permanent enemies or permanent friends
but permanent interest.
“If President Buhari’s interest is in tandem
with the interest of the people of Benue
and he asks them for their vote, they will
vote him likewise my own, if my interest is
also in tandem with the wishes of the
people they will vote for me.
“But one thing I want you to know is that
the herdsmen/farmers clashes predate this
government, so it will be a fallacy to
conclude that herdsmen killings in the state
is linked to President Buhari.
“That the herdsmen are killing Benue
people does not mean it is Buhari who is
responsible. There are still reasonable
herdsmen who still live here in peace with
their neighbours.
“There are some who support the anti-
open grazing law but the real enemy is
Miyetti Allah, they are the ones we hold
responsible because they addressed the
media and stood up against our anti-open
grazing law.
“They vowed to resist the law and they
went ahead to do it. They are a violent
group, we know them and we are holding
them responsible and have also gone a step
further to institute a criminal case against
them in the court.”

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