The cry of a child-Jeremiah Genesis Ezra

I am Jeremiah Genesis Ezra previously on my
NIGERIAN YOUTHS. An episode in my book
titled #MyJourney, yet i have emerge with
another one today, which is 'the cry of a
child'. Who is a child? And how can the cry
of a child affect us in this present situation
of ours? This is a huge question to all of us,
especially the person reading this article.
According to a lay man understanding ' a
child is a young person who have not
reached to the stage of being and adult.
Sometimes i use to remember those times
when i was in Sunday school in my church
where we attend fellowship every Sunday, i
was young very young enough to know
what was happening around the world,
those are times when you are in your own
world of 'the child's and i use to remember
those popular words and are sometimes
sing out as a song, 'Train up a child in the
way he should go, and when he is old, he
will not Depart for it..' Do we train our child
in a right way? Is a question for me and you.
This is the song we use to sing, we sing it
until tears are running down our cheeks, we
never mind but kept singing it on and on
like professionals, until when it suddenly
happened, like nightmare our joy have
turned into sadness our happiness into
grief, our gladness into sorrow, we have
never imagine nor dream that it Will ever
happen to us but it is now happening even
more than before, we have heard about the
tale of world war 1 and 11 which are
dangerous to humanity, but here today
today the child is a victim, his happiness has
turn to cries, the cry of a child, the cry which
has no end until his freedom is revealed, the
child really need your help. Their cries will
not be heard until all of us join our hands
together and let the world know about their
cries, and sufferings, though they are
helpless but they are not hopeless,. It is time
to rescue those children's out there who are
victims of wars and hungers, education and
protection, they have their right! A right to
live! The right that no one deprived them of,
unless a court issues that. #Finally I know
you can help those children. I urge you dear
readers to help out, lets make the world a
better place to live in please. #Cryofachild
#Jeremyspellblog #Togetherness
#Myjourney Jeremiah Genesis Ezra is a
freedom writer and blogger
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