A New Hope For Nigerians- Jeremiah Genesis Ezra (Jeremy Spell Blog)

Jeremiah Genesis Ezra '' It is indeed a
miraculous scene for a grass to grow on the
roof...., That was what my teacher says that
we Nigerians are indeed bless to the extend
that we have grasses over our roof, ain't we
bless?. Amongst countries we stand out
different, we're talented, we're gifted, the
youths are hardworking so promising and
fulfilling making the country proud
everywhere they go. Just like a nightmare,
we merge into a different Nigeria who has
negative impact of our good deeds, our
homes are in crises, worship places also in
war, they government is crumbling, The
definition of democracy is been ruined,
Government is no longer of the people, by
the people and for the people, Government
is now of the riches by the riches and for
the riches, Ethnicity and Religious
sentimenthas taken a stronghold now, all
hope seems to be lost, But one thing is clear,
'even in the well it is well' We can still make
Nigeria, a better place, we can still emerge
as the top among other nation, that decision
must come from you and me, If we live
peacefully with our neighbours, partake in
social gathering together, stop the crises in
our various religious centers, I think Nigeria
will be better, Violence will never solve your
problem, it only shorten your life span, But
smile and laughter promotes long life.''Dear
Beautiful Readers, I urge you as a great
citizen of this country to join our hands
together for peace, unity, and progress, If
we keep on killing ourselves who will run
the country next time? We have to stop
violence before violence stop us.
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