Police Recruitement Test, CAN blow Hot over alleged use of Arabic

According to the association, it is a violation
of the Constitution and the secular nature
of the country, to mandate both Christians
and Muslims to answer questions in Arabic
It stated: “The just concluded Nigeria Police
entrance examination using JAMB Computer
based test (CBT) where Arabic language
(the official Islamic language) was made
compulsory for Muslims and Christians alike
is another dirty slap on the 1999
Constitution (as amended).
“To many Christian youths who sat for that
examination, the display of the Arabic
language questions came as a rude shock.
Many could not recover from the setback
until JAMB logged them out of the CBT
platform; obviously achieving the aim of the
Islamic extremists who are hell bent on
fostering their religion and culture on the
Nigeria Police Force.
“While it is true that in some Police
examination centers, some officiating
officers advised the candidates to ignore
the Arabic language questions; but that
again ran contrary to the examination
instructions wherein a candidate was
required to answer 180 questions viz- Use
of English 60, Arabic language 40, Fine Arts
40, and Agriculture 40 hence summing up
the 180 questions each candidate is
required to answer.
“This deliberate attempt to undermine
Christians in Nigeria leaves so many
questions as to the unity of the nation. The
most appropriate action is to cancel the
exams and conduct a fresh one devoid of
“It will be wrong for the president of
Nigeria (who swore to defend both the
Christians and Muslims alike) to turn around
to allow his appointees seek to divide the
nation through their actions.
“If the president can allow this affront now
and he is still seeking the vote of Christians
for a second term we do not trust he will
keep us alive if he ascends that throne for
another four years.
“CAN demands evidence of cancellation of
the examination and fixing of date for a
retake within 72 hours of this notice. Else,
the Christian community in Nigeria will have
no choice than embark on other measures
to seek redress of this national insult.
“We also demand evidence of the
withdrawal of Arabic language as a
compulsory elective for management
science studies in tertiary institutions from
National Universities Commission, NUC.”

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