The Cry Out: I Stand with Jolly- Jeremiah Genesis Ezra

1 June 2018; The Out Cry: I Stand With Jolly-
Jeremiah Genesis Ezra. I sigh deeply not
because i want to, because i have to, the
news strike me very hard as i read it, it was
clearly written ''1.64 Bn fraud court jails Ex
Taraba State Governor for 14yrs'' But that
does not even move me, coz we are in
Nigeria where people giggle and make
merry when bad things happen to you. I
have watched, i have seen how the jubilate
when Late pharm. Danbaba Suntai had an
accident;(, when he came back from
medication, they were surprised that he was
alive, how wretched they are! Even though
Nigeria have grew to a certain level of
corruption, whereby the 'Almighty Peoples
Congress' APC where every golddigger,
master looter hide and receive shelter under
their ill-filthy party are blameless, and chill
around.. If you want to join them you're
safe, if you don't you're expose! I know the
court has the say, but nowadays the court
are so corrupt that the make judgement in
line with their personal desires. I admired
him, he was the man who has dream for
Taraba state and make those dreams come
true. I use to cite him as one of the best
governor we've had, He's our governor, our
dad! The bull! Can we let those wicked,
inhuman people hit him harder? No! We
have to stand we have to tell the whole
world that he's ours, Even though you're still
in Jail or not we'll keep praying for you until
you're free. We love you Sir. #Istandwithjolly
! Keep preaching and keep sharing!
#TheCryOut #KeepSharing |Jeremiah Genesis Ezra is a blogger and Freedom Writer, follow him on twitter @Spell_Jeremy. Follow him on his site@ Facebook on JeremyLeeSpell|

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