The Power Of You- Jeremiah Genesis Ezra (Jeremy Spell Blog)

Sometimes you look at yourself and you
think you can't do it, sometimes you
imagine yourself being lead through the
valley of sorrows, pains and hardships to
the extent of putting yourself into
dangerous acts which doesn't work in line
with your positive life. Have you ever seen
someone so special like you? Have you ever
look at yourself and say it out that I'm proud
of myself? The power is in you, you let it to
be use by someone who is isn't you, your
dreams are near you, the reason why you
didn't see it is because you refuse to admit
that it is there, been poor educationally,
spiritually and financially does not mean
entirely, Build your dreams, let the power of
positive thinking flow in you. Hope isn't lost
until life is lost, You can be what you wanna
be regardless of how you look or your
background, things that matters alot is your
determination, prayers and commitments,
'Cobhams asuguo' cannot be a great
producer that produce for so many artist if
he says his eyes was a deficiency, and he
even sings! He knows the power in him, he
knows what he can do, and he heads for his
dream through the toils, the hardships, and
hell and now where is he? Don't degrade
yourself, '' Have you ever imagine, how
many seconds, minutes, and hours did God
take to create you? And you in just few
minutes you wanna give up? What is the
use, without you telling and urging yourself
you can do it? You can do it I know you can.
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