TGod x T3DD Dungeon Games (Lyrics)

Verse 1 (TGOD)
When you got bounties more than the
queen of Sheba
They’ll be trying to keep you underground
like a tuber
But I’m still on my knees swinging the
My execution is tactical like a paratrooper
So comparing TGOD to a Whiz Khalifa is
like comparing a new bazooka with a toy
The difference is clear
So natural you can feel the flair
I’m upstairs waving at those starring at
Y’all know this has got nothing to do with
Hesus the image I’m trying to be a replica
I’m becoming a replica
I remember conversing the other day with
We spent hours discussing about Jehovah
How he know the heart of Judas though
he might be kissing
I’m still hungry for the bread of life
And even though I eat its like I’m
increasing the hunger
Somebody suggested that what I need is a
But I’m drinking from the river of life so
the living water in my Belle stays poking
Interlude ,(Money and fame is all they talk
about but Christ Rules Everything Around
Us. C.R.E.A.M)
Verse 2 (T3DD)
Tryna see the light when I was in the dark
Fighting for a life that I threw in a sac
The colours are fading Till it all becomes
Imagination is the nature of the mind
The information that we get
If we believe it
We be come it
For me to get any thing then I be striving
And wen it got hard then I b starving
Amounting to something am never having
Colour blinded is dead roses
Needed someone to follow like it was
At times I had to fight for what I can’t see
Became a loser I had to drown in the
blood see
Ate of the flesh to be a Godlike
Following the father just for me to get
Died in d flesh the rebirth of the spirit
Its my inheritance this is what I merit
Interlude ,(We represent something way
beyond money and fame Homie C.R.E.A.M)
Verse 3 (TGOD)
The Flem Spitha
Likes the beat when the kick comes with
electric guitars
And even though the thunder clapping,
rain falling and everybody running to get
an Umbrella
But I’m still in the rain
Long enough to know about the
So please hurry Cain
Before the blood of Abel says I’m waiting
in vain
Footprints in the sky when I fly glittery
Imprints in the cry never dry slithery
Blueprints of the father my delivery
Who woulda known the importance of
light if darkness doesn’t exist?
I am not surprised to see the blackness of
My father told me to walk with the
I’m going higher than standing on two
Its a battle for souls
Signs follow us not just because we
believe, but because we’re MOVING with
the spirit
Even the Devil takes cover when I Spit
But they ignore the son of man like the
warnings on the pack of a cigarette
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