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Former Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji
Balarabe Musa on Friday said he will no
longer participate in active politics due to
failing health and old age.
Musa told the 54th National Executive
Committee Meeting of the People
Redemption Party (PRP) holding in Kaduna
that he has consequently opted not to seek
for the post of the National Chairman of the
“In this regard, it is appropriate to inform
members that this will be the last time that I
will personally be chairing NEC as our
party’s National Chairman.
“Due to declining energy and failing health,
it has become necessary for me to vacate
the seat for young and fresher blood.
“But not just young and fresher blood but
qualitatively, demonstratively younger and
fresher blood more robustly and
combatively committed to all the ideals our
party, the PRP has always stood for.
“I shall, however, always remain available
for party assignments within the limits of
my fading energy and failing health.”
Musa thanked the party members for their
support and urged them to remain resolute
in promoting the ideals of the party, which
is centered on the emancipation of the

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