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In our quest for providing relevant
information we had an exclusive interview
with face of Nigeria model Ambassador for
peace 'Queen sule Joy'
Come and enjoy the thrilling conversation!!
Happy reading!

Jeremy spell blog
Good evening ma'am, can you tell our
readers about yourself?
Queen sule Joy
''My name is Joy wapukin sule, am from
Taraba state, wukari local government to be

Jeremy spell blog
Wow, that means you're from kwarrafa
kingdom and a matter of fact Jukun right?
Queen sule Joy
''Yes, you are right''

Jeremy spell blog
Beauty pageant is not only about contest
but a tool for women to engage and
contribute to the society, what can you say
about this statement?
Queen sule Joy
Smiles ''Just as you say that it is not just a
contest but also a tool for young women to
engage and contribute to the society,
contributing to the society is not all about
putting the crown and moving from one
place to another but it is also about you
being an example and a role model to the
young woman out there, making impact in
people lives looking at your problems as a
challenge your manner, character and sense
of dressing also is a contribution to the
society let there be a changed in you that
will get people thinking, that beauty contest
is all about discipline and making impacts.
Jeremy spell blog
By the way, our readers will like to know
when you wear your first crown before you
are crowned the face of Nigeria models?
Queen sule Joy
''I wear my first crown on the 8 September

Jeremy spell blog
Awesome, i guess it is miss kwarrafa right?
Queen sule Joy
Jeremy spell blog
Beauty pageant in an African society
especially in Nigeria is not accepted by the
parents and the elders ones, what did your
parent says about your pageant activities?
Queen sule Joy
''My family are my first priority in life when i
develop interest in pageantry i first asked
for their opinion and blessings which they
almost denied me with reasons i don't
know, but after a deep thought they came
to agree with me they supported me
physically financially and spiritually my family
are my backbone in this journey and i am
forever indebted to them
Jeremy spell blog
Briefly what do you have to say about your
Queen Sule Joy
''My manager is the best, he have been
always supportive, discipline and serious
when it comes to business, he's the best
manager that can handle my pageant
Jeremy spell blog
As the face of Nigeria models ambassador of
peace what advice did you have for other
beauty pageant who wished to achieved the
Queen sule Joy
''Briefly My advice to every girl out there
with same
dreams of being a beauty queen, for you to
achieve this u must have passion for it,
during the competition put in all your
and mind starting from the camp activities
your stage performance, you will definitely
challenges which will make u feel like
quitting but be rest assured that quitters
win and winners don't quit What is worth
doing is worth doing well.
Jeremy spell blog
Thank you so much for giving me your time,
May God bless you.
Queen sule Joy
''Thank you too, your are welcome''.

''Don't forget to keep following our updates!''

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