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President Muhammadu Buhari has told a
delegation of APC that he had no preferred
ethnic or religion group and would deal
with leaders and public officials who
embezzle public funds and deny workers
their benefits.
“I assure you that my main interest is all
Nigerians in all parts of the country,’’
President Buhari told the delegation of All
Progressives Congress (APC)from Benue
state led by Senator George Akume.
“Therefore, if anybody tries to create any
impression that I prefer any group across
ethnicity or religion, let him dare me by
being caught red-handed stealing public
funds. I will deal with him,’’ President
Buhari said.
He said that the Federal Executive Council
(FEC) had been monitoring the plight of
workers across the country and utilisation
of the bailout and Paris Club funds by some
According to him, the Federal Government’s
bailout to states and the payment of Paris
Club refunds to them were basically to
alleviate the sufferings of the people.
Despite the bailout, several states still owe
workers and pensioners, a development the
President is unhappy about.
“I honestly don’t know how people sleep
when workers have not been paid. The
workers have to pay rent, buy food, send
their children to school and they have
healthcare to take care of,” he lamented,
describing misappropriation of the funds
as unjust and unfair to workers.
Apart from the issues of workers’ welfare
and corruption, President Buhari informed
the delegation that the Federal Government
had made significant progress in
diversifying the economy.
This, he explained, was achieved through
investment in agriculture and the
encouragement of more individuals and
entrepreneurs to go into farming.
He is optimistic that Nigeria would soon
become self-sufficient in feeding its
citizenry as a result of the investment in
“We are proud of what we have achieved
with resources at our disposal,’’ he said,
listing ongoing road, rail, seaport, airport,
and power projects as hallmarks of his
administration’s commitment to improving
Condemning the orchestrated attacks in
Benue as “ungodly”, the President assured
the Benue APC leaders that efforts were
being made to bring the perpetrators to
justice and appealed for patience while the
progress is on.
“We know about herders. The ones we
knew carried sticks, and sometimes
cutlasses to cut foliage for their cattle. We
now have people who carry AK 47s and
pretend they are herdsmen.
“We are working hard to secure our
borders. We are going to see how the old
cattle routes can be opened. We will control
movement. Please beg our people to be
The President pointed out that security
personnel were already uncovering the
network of the killers and arresting them.
The leader of the APC delegation and former
Benue State Governor, Akume, said the APC
stakeholders had faith in the President.
“Mr President, we know your commitment
to Nigeria. We know how much you love
the country and will be ready to die for the
good cause,’’ Senator Akume said.
He assured the President that APC members
had started sensitisation and mobilisation
of voters for the 2019 elections, noting that
more had accepted the party and its
manifesto in the state.
Senator Akume also praised President
Buhari for the flag-off of the dualisation of
the Abuja-Keffi-Lafia-Makurdi road.
He, however, called for more attention for
the Makurdi-Otukpo road and the water
projects in Gboko and Otukpo.
“You have worked hard to stop herdsmen
and farmers clashes in Benue. It is
important to note that many people used
religion and ethnicity to score cheap points.
Religion was used in Benue for sinister
purposes,’’ he added.
The Senator also praised the President for
the war on corruption, insisting that his
administration has made a significant
difference by tackling perpetrators.
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