Petrol station blast kills 2 injured 10 in North East of Rome | Jeremy spell blog

At least two people were killed and no
fewer than 10 injured in an explosion at a
petrol station northeast of Rome on
Wednesday, firefighters and police said.
The blast occurred when a tanker truck
carrying flammable liquid was refuelling at
the petrol station on the Salaria highway 30
kilometres (18 miles) outside the capital,
according to Italian media.
“A firefighter died, as did a civilian,” the
firefighters tweeted.
Antonio Mannoni, head of police in Rieti, the
closest city to the petrol station said 10
people were injured, with two in critical
Ambulances and three helicopters were
deployed to transport the casualties to
hospitals in Rome.
Television footage showed the fire had
been brought under control.
The Salaria highway, which connects Rome
to Porto d’Ascoli on the Adriatic coast, was
closed in both directions.

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