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"The Plight Of A Widow"
She had become the beginning and the of all issues in her own private world. Her liberty is perfectly intact, nobody governed her any more on anything. She retired to bed when she liked, and needed not to rush home at evenings to prepare dinner.
There is no more that strong arm rule of the man to keep her on her toes, to check her excesses, and to enforce obedience. She is Now completely on her own and she is so unhappy about it. There seem to be no sweetness and no comfort in this her position of a WOMAN ALMIGHTY.
She very much wanted to feel loved again, to feel supported, protected and looked after. There really should be a man close by to lean on all the time, a man to pester with demands, to urge with requests, to provoke with expensive jokes, and issue threats and ultimatums to.
But there is no such man anymore, and here she is alone in this world, making resolutions and taking decisions without reference to anybody.
On daily basis, she faced the problems of life with no one enough to share them with, and she had to put up with the agony of the constant remembrance of her man who had quietly left her, who had disappeared like a puff of tobacco smoke.
Hoping to see her man again even for a moment but Las Las she's never ever gonna see him again...
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