Interesting!! Meet The Youngest Farmer in The World At The Age Of 2!

The youngest farmer in the world
Adewale the youngest farmer in the world

By Jeremiah Genesis Ezra

I was shocked when i came across this post, and i felt i have to share it with our readers, So sit down and read about this amazing kid! Don't forget to leave a reply on our comment box


Adewale will be three years old by August, and he is quite familiar with some basic farming practices..
At his age he knows the difference between vegetables and grasses, he will never mixed them together when plucking their leaves..
At his age, he knows the right leaves to give to the RABBITS which is grasses and veggies..
He knows edible leaves that is suitable for HUMAN consumption ..
He is not afraid to enter the BUSH..
You will be amazed seeing him playing and cuddling RABBITS..
He can play and touch live CATFISH in their bowl..
He also loves to pick big SNAILS for his mother..
He picks, breaks and throw small snails into the catfish bowls..
He knows how to gathers and set tiny firewoods for catfish and rabbit roasting..
In the noon he used to chase our GOATS all around the compound, now they are tied down cos we had maize on the field..
Before we sold our three DUCKS he used to share his food with them almost anytime he is eating..
I'm planning to buy a DOG for him, but doesn't mind if anyone is willing to give him one free..
We live in a mini farm estate (2acres landmass with perimeter fencing) with me, his mother and other two farm workers..
He is involved in all we do at the farm..
He has great phobia for our PIGS, but can touch and play with any other animals on the farm..
Teach your ward to love ANIMALS and NATURE.
It's the best training you can give them

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