"Her Tears, Cry Of A Helpless Lady" | Spoken Word | Article

Her Tears, Cry Of A Helpless Lady | Spoken Word | Article

Her Tears, Cry Of A Helpless Lady | Spoken Word | Article

Using her little strength she place her hand on the table and struggle to rise up

She don't want him to raise up

After hitting him with the glass, she knows surely it will take some time before he will be awake

Now she knows her senses has awaken

She knows the right thing to do!! She cried...

Even though her life has a crack

She believes she will surely find a track

At the waiting room, she told the waiter what happened, in a twinkle of an eye, the security personnel's rushed to the scene.

The last episodes was not watched by Jenny because she was already admitted at the hospital.

Feeling the pain which seems to take control of her

Amidst her tears she told the nurse...

"Dear Nurse, my life was controlled by my friends, this was the first mistake I've made in my life, I did not realized that I was walking with people who will lead me to my grave, I thought I was on the right track not knowing that am off the track.... (She sobs) I did all sort of atrocities and sins you'll ever think of, I've slept with uncountable men's, I thought I was making a good profit, not knowing I was creating a path for my death.

Dear Nurse,

Tell my fellow ladies that patience is everything.

Your virginity is your dignity, though you might wait for so long to push your mind towards having pleasure like your friends, but remember the result will finally unveil itself.

Consistency and patience is key, those things you see outside, it is a matter of life, time and health you'll soon acquire it.


by Jeremiah Genesis Ezra (Jeremy)
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