Life- By Marvin Writes | Poem | Jeremy Spell Blog

Life- By Marvin Writes | Poem | Jeremy Spell Blog
"Life- By Marvin Writes | Poem | Jeremy Spell Blog"

Written By
Marvin Writes
- Is a poet, writer and currently a writer with Jeremy Spell Blog

There's a girl crying alone in her room,
Wishing she could disappear from this cursed earth.
Dragging a razor blade across her scarred wrist,
She fails to see how much she is worth.

There's a boy that dreams each night,
Hoping to muster the courage to talk to his crush.
He's too afraid of all the judging and name calling to approach him,
But those people lack to remember he's human just as much.

There's a man driving home from work,
Praying his wife hasn't discovered his lies.
Covering up that one night he made a mistake,
He has forgotten we all live under the same sky.

There's a woman sitting in a bar,
Thinking of all the times she's been there before.
She's wondering if she'll ever be truly loved by someone,
But what she doesn't realize is she's worth so much more.

There's a God watching over all of them,
Watching them with unconditional love and pride.
Waiting with open arms to welcome them home,
He's hoping they find they are loved for what's inside.

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