3 Jobs You Can Earn Online Using Social Media In Taraba State | Jeremy Spell Blog

3 Jobs You Can Earn Online Using Social Media In Taraba State | Jeremy Spell Blog

Social media is platform where we have fun and engage with a lot of different people
It is also a platform for business apart from social interaction.

Have you ever asked yourself how you can use the social media effectively to make money out of it? Though I've tried that couple of times and I tried to look at my surrounding and check those things which are scarce and try to look for solutions that will not only help me alone but bring an endless solution to it and help the society at large.


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I've outlined some cool jobs you can be venture into on social media and still make a living out of it!


By now I know you all know about blogging. Though it doesn't stop at sharing of links only but also maintaining consistency on your particular niche. You can start blogging today by opening a new blog using WordPress or blogger. Sticking on your niche and helping in solving some of our societal problem. You can earn also using this platform but it is worth your cash too. Popular Taraba blogs like Rhapsodi Affos Blog, Bustrendz, Kulichang Blog, Jeremy Spell Blog, Jalabase and RaniVibe and others are products of blogging.


Do you know you can earn cool cash by hyping products and services for small and large scale businesses? Just let your friends and followers what you do by leaving footprints of your works on comments, posts and other social media handles!.


Social media is turning to a hub of images, why can't you use this opportunity and learn cartoon or graphic designing and earn a little cash on this platform? Especially in Taraba state where music is the hub of activities!

Others include writing articles, promotions etc.
With this my few researches on how to make money using your social media handle I hope you'll use it effectively.

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