"No Sales Or Transfer Of Ownership"- Raddai Metropolitan School Management Says

No Sales or Transfer of Ownership: Raddai is Raddai and will remain as the Best School for ALL.

This is to 'push to rest' the fast circulating lies and unfound news flying around in Jalingo. Ordinarily, Raddai would have ignored this mischievous hoax but we need to set the record straight because of our Parent-Partners, Students, Ex-students and well wishers alike.

Raddai Metropolitan School is an academic institution for everyone irrespective of their Social Status, Gender, Religion and Ethnicity. Such biases are no determinants in the process of admitting Students in Raddai. We remain apolitical and will always be open to all who needs quality education - be you a Muslim or Christian, Male or Female, Poor or Rich;  Yoruba, Igbo or Fulani, Raddai is for you.

Raddai Metropolitan Schools, Jalingo remains the centre of excellence in futuristic and affordable education. Our rising profile and feats have become a point of reference in and out of Nigeria, hence the attack on our name.

We, the management of Raddai Metropolitan School, Jalingo by this medium debunks the rumors going round that Raddai Metropolitan School has been sold/transferred to a new owner/management. We are the best and we will continue to be the best destination for academic and moral excellence in Taraba state and Nigeria at large.

Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others.

We understand that the news is being paddled by some jealous and corporate miscreants against our stance and publicity. Raddai condemns this demeaning and destructive news in its entirety. We are not perturbed by this hoax, and we will continue to be the BEST.

We are putting this release out to debunk the rumours about the sales of Raddai Metropolitan Schools, Jalingo and also to re-assure concerned parents and students, who have been contacting us to get the true state of things.

Thank you for your interest, love and concern.

God Bless Raddai
God Bless Taraba State

Joel Andrew Gilenya
For: Raddai Metropolitan Schools, Jalingo

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