"Support the Administration of Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku For better Governance"- Hon Ismaila Maihanci Yusha'u

"Support the Administration of Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku For better Governance"- Hon Ismaila Maihanci Yusha'u

By Suleiman Usman Nyaja

Considering the effort of Governor Darius Dickson ishaku's administration to take the state to the next level, the young & veterant politician Hon Ismaila Maihanci Yusha'u (Grand Commander Of Youths)

Urge Youths in the state to give thier maximum support to the present government for the continuity of developmental projects.

He Made this remark when he recieved a delegation of Patriotic Taraba Youths Forum in a courtesy visit to commend him on his effort for supporting Youths.

The group stated that they were there to commend the Grand Commander for his wonderful efforts in supporting our vibrant Youths expecially those who contributed immensely for the emergence of the present administration.

We advise u to continue as this would enable our fellow Youth to be self reliant which inturn will reduce pressure to the Government.

Reacting to the Development, Hon Ismaila Maihanci Yusha'u discribed the visit as Commendable, hence urge the Youths of the the state to co-operate with Governor Ishaku's administration for the Socio-Economic development of the State.

Youth are the back born of any Society, the active participation of youth in healthier politics determines the emergence of better Governance,

we advise You to do politics without bias, engage Your selves in what could bring Your bright and better future, avoid political thuggery and shun any violence acts, without your contribution the Society would go no where.

The Government of Arch  Darius Dickson Ishaku needs your support, Co-operation and Your immense contributions to make our state the greatest, Maihanci disclosed.

He finally re-affirm the Commitment of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku's administration to uplift the status quo of the Youth across the state through the provision of quality education, establishing Skill acquisition centers and assist them with capital for the overall progress & development of the state.

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