Gospel Music Minister Also Cry- Immanuel Bala Yula

People love us in our wonderful and colourful attire(uniforms) every Sunday, despite our challenges we still hide it and minister every Sunday and the congregation are blessed.
The pastor also is fulfilled, WOW!! what a wonderful rendition.
But the truth is,the kind of temptations that COMES TO MUSIC MINISTER'S ARE BEYOND IMAGINATION still we hide it and still bless life's, most times we sweep it under the umbrella of, ITS OUR FATHERS WORK, ITS GODS WORK, yes, of cause it is, but then IF YOU HAVE THE HORSE AND THE MESSAGE, THEN YOU DRIVE THE HORSE TO DEATH WHAT WOULD YOU USE TO DISSEMINATE THE HE MESSAGE?
Those same people who applauded the choir during the service, will see you trekking home after service and drive pass you like they didn't recognise the uniform.
Some of us will trek to church for rehearsal still trek back home, hmmmmm I know it's God work, in most cases, all we get is GOD BLESS YOU, that was nice choir, Good one but the day the ministrations did not go well it turns to this "CHOIR SEF NAWA 000 O".
In some places, the drums needs deliverance, the keyboard is gone, you will be singing and the microphone will be, bringing interference from the MOSQUE and yet, the church is saying u are not doing well...some church choir will not grow because, THE PASTORS CHILD IS THE CHOIR Mistress OR MASTER, am not against any pastors child becoming music LEADER, but in as much as that pastors child is not MUSICALLY INCLINED, trouble looms, yet they blame the whole choir, but the truth is MUSIC MINISTERS TOO CRY.
Have you noticed that, most times all we get is, hmmm choir pray, u know this department is owned by the devil, he's not happy u are doing his job. Adviser
General, we know, we are not the one that started it, we are not the one that will end it, and we have been praying, pls adviser general, tell the pastor to help us change the drum snare, cymbals, pedal, power the drums and keyboard nd see IF SERVICE NO GO SWEET.
Our daddy in the lord sir, DO YOU KNOW THAT IF ALL YOUR CHOIR DO VOICE INSURANCE, DO YOU KNOW, EVERY SUNDAY YOU WILL BE PAYING HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY, because of poor sound, some of us after Sunday service, we have cracked voice, soar throat, bleeding, cough, because of poor sound,I seriously pity singers and Drummers. Some pastors only acknowledged the Choir, the day we sing well, no fuel for rehearsal, we still move on. May God  bless us.

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