Taraba, Gifted But Poor

I remembered when I was traveling back to Jalingo to attend Taraba Youth Round Table. I passed along Gassol local government area
Every time I'm on transit I use to sit by the sideways in order to enjoy the beauty and nature of this Godly embodied state called "Taraba" from the equzi that are spread by the tarred road to the cassava which are already peeled and dried lay motionless and to those mangoes and cashew that are arranged on tray for consumers and passerby.

"Nature Gift To The Nation" these are words that always come to my mouth every time I saw things that really define this God blessed state.
Been a self claimed travel blogger I've tour along Zing local government area of Taraba state, felt it atmosphere and those lands that lays in my own imagination becoming real! What about the pounded yam and "Loyi" soup? Or you go to those hills and mountain that are worth a billion idea to a man who knows it worth
Not to talk about their energetic farming skills and hunting?
What about the Jenjo's with their fishing and hunting skills, giant and strong? Have you forgotten about the Jukun wanu? Or the land of India that lies in the midst of towns in Jen and other places in Karim lamido?
Where hundreds and thousands of bag of rice are sold away everyday?
Not to talk of Gembu and Kurmi!
What about Bali and donga?
Have you forgotten about those beautiful and brilliant ladies that represent mother Taraba in the outside world?
What about our men? Handsome, giant and presentable!
With all our resources we're still poor!
With all these intellectual personalities we're still undeveloped!
With all our giant warriors from different tribes who history have talked about them and is still talking about them we're not developing!

What is the use of our strength, resources and ideas when our land is not developed?
The greatest wealth in this world is to have natural resources AND the greatest failure in this world is not to make use of it effectively

Making a change starts from taking a step and from there it grows to a bigger one.
With various resources and gifted minds around we can contribute our own quota to this BLESSED STATE of ours.
We can utilize this natural resources and make this state from the "HUB" of undeveloped to "MULTI" developed.
It is worth a little faith.

Jeremiah Genesis Ezra
(Jeremy Kim)
CEO & Founder Of Jeremy Spell Blog, The Inventor's, Certified Jenjo
Blogger, Passionate Writer & Motivator

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