Parents Of A New Birthed Baby In Sibre, Ardo-Kola Cry Out For Help As The Child Intestine Fell Out [With Video]

Parents of a new born baby in Sibre Ardo Kola Local Government of Taraba state have called out the public to help them after delivering a baby with the baby's intestine out

According to an informant who happens to live in the town has these to say

"There is a woman in my town that gave birth to child ,ever since she conceived the child, his intestine's are outside his stomach

The mother of the baby cries for help as the father of the child which they are yet to get married is not strong enough (financially) to take the baby to the hospital, not even thinking of paying the bills

The 31 year old father of the child whose name is "Tippi" is an okada man and lives in Sibre
There's no doubt the child will survived this week if the operation is not taken care of

The Father of the child Tippi cries out after he took the child to 'Abdull clinic where the doctor requested for the sum of thirty thousand naira to undergo the surgery
But the father of the child was said to be short of money and seek for assistance from any person whose help hand can reach up to" the informant added

Sympathizers and helpers can as well check out at Abdul Clinic while we try to get the contact of both parents or inbox/call for the number of the informant.

Watch the video of the baby below

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