African Swine Fever Hits Hard On Pig Farms In Nigeria, As Pig Farmers Lost Billions Of Naira

According to Naija Farmer on twitter Africa swine fever have wrecked havoc on lot of farmers as many died as a result of shock, others hospitalised.
According to him one Mr. Oke Aro has lost over N25Billion "This farm is a 700 capacity farm that has been reduced to less than 40 as at this morning and still dying. Over 200 piglets dead inside their mother.
As a business man this brings tears to my eyes" he writes

"The sad thing about this African Swine Fever is that it has spread to other part of the Country. Umuahia has started to experience same... Some of the above pictures came from Umuahia. It's spreading. It's sad man" he added

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