#JalingoProtest: Gov. Darius Ishaku Promises To Review Curfew, Hike In Keke Napep Prices

#JalingoProtest: Gov. Darius Ishaku Promises To Review Curfew, Hike In Keke Napep Prices

According to the Governor statements made on his official social media handles he's ready to review the hike in Keke napep prices and the curfew imposed on the state for almost two years.

Read his Statement below:

My Reflections on the trends in Taraba State

We have been in a new era of rebuilding the Taraba of our dreams, with a new vision, with new hopes of a new peoplecentred and developmental approach.

Towards ensuring the implementation of the people-centred approach to development, it requires better goals; and the capacity of my administration to redefine and implement social policies that will ensure Taraba is fully rescued at the long run.

Thus, every policy and programs initiated from on sets by my administration, targets the interest and the well-being of all Tarabans, which included time limit on the Keke Napep to 8pm in the State capital amongst others.

In regards to the protests that took place in Jalingo lately, of which the larger part of the concerns by citizens were not initiated by my administration or as a result of our programs, I have regardless, as a leader who values the life and welfare of every Taraban, promised to address their grievances, among which are: review of the Curfew, Hike in Keke Napep Price and transmitting their plea to ReformSars to the appropriate channels.

Together we can, together is easier.

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  1. Reality needs to be told, even if it is my confrontation... PEACE I PRAY