I Am The Best Artiste In Taraba State - Obolo Lavojo

Fast rising indigenous/bilingual hip-hop sensation artiste Bedivel Joseph Lavojo known by his stage name "Obolo" speaks on a number of issues about the industry and his journey so far:

On what he thinks about the industry...

There is no denying the fact that he have met a couple of good faces in the industry,  especially his own genre, which is hip-hop, Regardless of the brand; indigenous or mainstream hip-hop he thinks it is important to state early enough that with the amount of work he have put in overtime, consistency and the awareness and consciousness he have created overtime, and given the fact that he is still young and the *BEST* 

Obolo according to him have received a lot of commendations and applauds,  but that is nowhere near making him feel relaxed 

Even though there are lot of people who criticize his crafts and anything that has Obolo attached to it but he has forgiven them and have nothing against them except love.

"Of course I've got to be here for them to understand the lines between Love & Hatred(smiles)

To my fans and all those that have continued to wish me well, show love to the movement and keep looking forward to my crafts, I promise to not let them down and ask that they keep their fingers crossed as I have only just started as far as the industry is concerned" he added

When asked on why he signed his contract with Rainbow City Music, he has this to say

"I think it's that simple. No one says no to a Label as big as Rainbow City Music, If you look at the hands in RCM's front desk, they are really hard to come by, these are guys who know exactly what they are up to and got entertainment  business ideas too, I got huge respect for them" he say

Speaking on Tee Ice

"Mehn, dude is a brother! He is someone whose works I got huge respect and admiration for,  a whole lot, So when the offer from RCM looked my way, I didn't think twice to put pen to the paper"

On which names he respects when it comes to hip-hop in the industry?

"Eehhm, I think there are a few names in that bracket; Alhaji Kaita, Yerimz, Jeblinx & Bossman, ( In no particular order) they are not doing badly.

Whether he'd love to collaborate with anyone

"For now there is nothing on ground to that effect, But I'm looking forward to such a project with Martino El Casino with an open mind in the not too distant time"

What's the next big thing from you?


"Something huge is on the pipeline, I think peeps can continue to enjoy my latest song "Jarumi" before the next one, which will be a piece of my life like all the projects I've delivered.

On what has continued to motivate him

"That has everything to do with my background. If you look at where I come from, I think you'd understand the point. But it's a story for another day"

Your Last words

"No one should give up on their dreams" he conclude

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