Buhari Abubakar lambasted the letter of the Diplomatic Youths Emancipation To The PDP Chairman On Zoning

The #NewSheriff's Words of Honour. And The Misunderstanding of The Diplomatic Youths Emancipation Southern Taraba.

Words are very powerful when it comes from people with dignity & self respect. And respect should be earned by non pivotal words. Indeed, the New Sheriff came on board with promising words on unification & harnessing the ruins of the past into one formidable force ahead of the 2023 general election. To pull every seat is his own dream i.e PDP Taraba's dream.

August 12 Aftermaths. The New Sheriff called "I will work with you all" "Service to Humanity". Powerful words in harnessing the ruins left by the immediate past Chairman.

("2023: It's Wrong To Rule Out Southern Zone" 

Diplomatic Youths Emancipation Southern Taraba")- The organization has a right to agree or not to, on what they all felt was uncalled for. Both seeing it as disfranchisement to southern Taraba PDP loyalists, they're lacking honesty in pursuing for the greatness of PDP. 

Projecting PDP's trajectory without giving a lot of credit to the great party towards succeeding in giving every zone the chance to present the leaders of the state, in harmonizing the ethnic zones within Taraba, by giving them a sense of belonging, this is laughable in 21st Century. 

Ever since the sheriff took over, he was seen round the clock, making amends, bridging new ties with ruined bloc's. As a military Man with the experience of Nigeria's political terrain, he will not in any way put his party at Waterloo. In quoting an Ex- official who left the party, return only after he fails to defeat the party, indeed, it make the content of their letter shabby. 

The organization should come clean on who's bankrolling them, and why they're clamoring for doomsday in PDP ahead of 2023. Now is not the time for PDP's politicking, but governance. And the strategic plans underway will give the party more chances ahead than in the past. 

Buhari Abubakar

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