3 Tech Apps to Master Your Money in 2024: Save, Invest, and Earn


3 Tech Apps to Master Your Money in 2024: Save, Invest, and Earn
3 Tech Apps to Master Your Money in 2024: Save, Invest, and Earn

Saving have become important and an integral part of our lives both as individuals and students. As a student it has become a paramount choice to make and be financially free. As students we save for our next goals, projects, and other needs which are very important to us.


Although making the decision toward savings has become more challenging as a result of numerous wants and desires that are clouded around us these days, it is still important that we save so that we will not be hit with an emergency that will demand money. In other cases that is why we ought to save so that we will not be victims of “sapa“.

In this blog post, I have outlined applications which are developed by tech startups to help you to save, invest and earn. These startups have revolutionized the traditional method of saving and make it digitally savvy for people to use it easily and at the comfort of their zones. And as a student you can make use of these applications to save your money, most of these apps have different plans which can help you when it comes to savings and how to effectively save.

NOTE: All these applications allow you to save in dollars too, there are different mutual funds available for you to save and you can withdraw anytime especially optimus by Afrinvest, others allow you to save for a particular period mostly a year in their dollar platforms.

  • Cowrywise
    This app was developed and started operations in 2017, and since then it continued to provide asset management services to Nigerians and other countries in Africa, according to the application details of Cowrywise by YC Combinator, it shows Cowrywsie as “A FinTech company democratizing access to premium financial services by making these services available to the mass market cheaply” with cowrywise you can be able to save as little as N1,000 regularly. All you need to do is to signup using the necessary details like your name, address, age, location and any of your identities like National Identity Card, Voters card and BVN. I started using cowrywise in 2019 and since then, I have saved my money using the application, and in 2022. I was selected as one of its ambassadors representing my undergraduate university Federal University Wukari. To register and start saving CLICK HERE. or download the application on google play store Or apple play store if you are suing IOS. In cowrywise it allows you to look at your funds for a particular period of the month, usually three months and you cannot break your locked savings until it is matured to be withdrawn.
  • Piggyvest
    Another platform where you can be able to save, invest and earn from these savings is Piggyvest. It was founded in the year 2016 as a piggy bank and renamed as piggyvest. Since then it has helped individuals and businesses to save and earn from their savings. To start saving, kindly visit their official website https://www.piggyvest.com/ where you can be able to download their application at Google play store or apple store. From there you can sign up and fill the necessary details and documents, you can save as little as N1,000 and more with piggyvest, you can also lock your funds to prevent you from unnecessary spending and if you have an emergency and want to withdraw your locked funds you will be charged and your money will be released for you.
  • Optimus by Afrinvest
    Another third app you can use to save, invest and earn is Optimus by Afrinvest. This application is developed by an Afrinvest company to help individuals to manage their assets and help them in savings thereby helping them towards their financial freedom plans. Among all the apps, optimus by afrinvest has the most seamless and user-friendly feature including its verification process. During sign up, you are to input your BVN, names, email address and phone number, others include your picture, proof of address, and authentic documents that show who you are. You are to input all these during the sign up and verification process. You can save with as little as N1,000 with afrinvest and be part of mutual funds and individuals who are saving towards achieving a specific goal at the end of 6 months or a year. Afrinvest has been in existence since 1995. It offers features in its savings like optilock, optiflex, optilockdollar etc. And you can invest in its mutual funds with as low as N100, yes I mean 100. To register kindly ClICK HERE

These three apps will help you to save, manage, invest and save your money without issues, all you need to do is to download the applications or sign up and check its features. All the best on your saving journey.

Jeremiah Genesis Ezra
Jeremiah Genesis Ezrahttps://www.jeremyspellblog.com
Jeremiah Genesis Ezra is a young and passionate tech blogger, changemaker and tech enthusiast raised in Jalingo, Taraba State, a North Eastern part of Nigeria. He writes from Jalingo, Taraba State


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